The message

From 1 to 30 April you can see and experience the group exhibition "The message". In this exhibition you can see and experience art from Skio from France, Nicky Nahafahik and Tymon de Laat from the Netherlands, and Steinar Caspari and Salke from Norway. There will be new original works not previously shown and prints by the artists Skio and Nicky. Welcome to an exhibition with great street artartists in gallery M35 at Tjuvholmen.



Skio is a street artist from France and his first murals appeared in 1993 in the Nice region. From murals he moved on to figurative romantic subjects fed by his pop and television culture.

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Tymon de Laat en av Nederlands fremste street art kunstnere


Tymon de Laat

Tymon de Laat is a visual artist and muralist who works and lives in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The harbor city bursts with life and creativity, developing his unique urban contemporary art, while literally leaving his mark on the city itself

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Nicky Nahafahik

Nicky Nahafahik (1980), is a self-taught visual artist with a graffiti background from the Netherlands. What started as an illegal, abstract letter graffiti expression in the 90s developed into modern realistic works in public spaces, galleries and projects in Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Oslo and New York.

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Salke en street art kunstner fra Kongsberg bosatt i Oslo



Christoffer Henriksen (Salke) started with art at the age of 10. Self-taught in various fields, with experience of project assignments in the private sector and industry. Some of the projects he has carried out are graffiti art in public buildings - newly built secondary school, newly built bowling hall, premises in MESH Oslo, Atea, the leading IT group in the Nordics

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Steinar Caspari norges fremste street art kunstner


Steinar Caspari

Steinar started painting graffiti in the dead of night in the late 90s. Within a few years he understood that it was not the adrenaline of painting illegal graffiti that he was really looking for, but the desire to get "kung fu", or become a master of graffiti art. even provide a review.

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