Steinar Caspari, norsk graffitikunstner

Steinar Caspari

Steinar started painting graffiti in the dead of night in the late 90s. Within a few years, he understood that it was not the adrenaline of painting illegal graffiti that he was really looking for, but the desire to get "kung fu", or become a master of graffiti art.

In 2005, together with a friend, he had the country's first commercial graffiti exhibition in Larvik. Against all expectations, all works were sold during the exhibition's first 30 hours. This turned everything upside down.

Today, he has more than 1,000 assignments behind him for large and "small" clients, for example the Aker group, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oslo University Hospital as well as several well-known national and international media profiles. Caspari is also known for his super realistic double exposure displacement motifs.

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