Salke, norsk graffitikunstner


Christoffer Henriksen ( SALKE ) born. 20/08/1997

Salke is a street art artist, with pop art motifs. He started with art at the age of 10 and mostly works with spray on canvas, but also with marker and acrylic.

Salke has also carried out several graffiti works on public buildings. Everything from secondary schools, bowling alleys, the premises in MESH Oslo, Atea, the Nordics' leading IT group, and otherwise for private individuals with completed projects on Russian buses and cars etc.


  • Debut exhibition: Really not real" - Gallery M35 April 2022.
  • Solo exhibition: "MANIFEST" - Gallery M35 Tjuvholmen, September 2022
  • Solo exhibition: "Art on 4 Wheels" - Hamar Bertel and Sten, October 2022
  • Duo exhibition: "CRIBxSALKE" - Gallery M35 March 2023

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