Elen Alien

Elen Alien (b. 1990, Ukraine) is an interdisciplinary contemporary artist and a new nomad. In her works, she combines elements from different times and cultures society, and thus points to the absence of the need for separation, labeling, to the fact that together all people and nature form a common organism. The art of Elen Alien expresses the unity of the sacred, natural and aesthetic, in their pursuit of a common goal. Here, research unfolds at points of contact between nature and people, again addressing questions that people have tried in vain for centuries to find answers to with the help of science and technology. In his artistic practice, the artist tries to "preserve forever" the elusive beauty of the moment. Combining the tenderness of flowers and the hardness of epoxy resin, she reveals the ambivalence of glorifying the beauty of imperfection and contrasts art with digital
immortality. She currently lives and works in Oslo, Norway.

Her artworks have been acquired for private collections in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Russia, the USA and others


2022 – Autumn show, Gallery M35, Oslo (g)
2022 – “Mono no aware” solo show, Brännkyrka church, Stockholm
2022 – Summer show, Gallery M35, Oslo (g)
2022 – Merchandise exhibition 2022, Gallery K45, Stockholm (g)
2022 – “Mono no aware” solo show, Gallery K45, Stockholm
2022 – Spring salon, Nata Watts Gallery, Copenhagen (g)
2021 – “Nymph”, Monday studio, Copenhagen (g)
2021 – "Kvinnliga Linjer", Park, Stockholm (g)
2021 – "Nordic Art", Copenhagen (art fair)
2021 – “The Earth. Version 2021. What was next?”, Darwin Museum, Moscow (g)
2021 – “Art dialogue”, [format] gallery, Moscow (g)
2018 – Next Station Sokol, Moscow (g)
2012 – “OK. WATCH!”, Nina Romanova, Novosibirsk (g)

2021-2022 "Project Konst", Folkuniversitetet Konstskolan, Stockholm, Sweden
2021-2022 "Art, architecture and visual culture in Sweden", Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden
2007 - 2013 MA, Novosibirsk State Academy of Architecture and Art, Novosibirsk, Russia
1997 - 2007 Art school No2, Novokuznetsk, Russia

Elen Alien art collection