Gallery M35 Collective

Art gallery M35 was established in spring 2021 at Grünerløkka. A large room of 300 square meters with white walls was what started the whole idea. The white walls were filled with Norwegian established and non-established artists of all ages.

As early as autumn 2021, we started a pop up on Tjuvholmen at Olav Selvaags plass. We were supposed to be there until 2021, but remained in the premises until October 2022 before we moved into new premises at Fru Kroghs brygge 2, also permanent premises. In the spring of 2024, we will now have both the main gallery at Fru Kroghs brygge 2 and a pop up at Olav selvaags plass 4.

Here at gallery M35, we want to give you a good experience when you see and buy art. We want to make art accessible to everyone and not just a small segment of Norway's population. That's why you get a large selection of art in different price ranges.

The artists in our portfolio are both young artists and among the more established ones. They represent different styles, everything from pop art, street art, contemporary art and modern art. Most in our portfolio are Norwegian artists, but we also have a small selection of international artists.

Quality and environment

When you buy art in gallery M35, we are concerned that the art is of good quality. This means, among other things, that almost all art prints that can be bought in the gallery are printed on paper or canvas of very high quality.

Prints on paper are 100 percent cotton, acid-free and weigh between 305 and 308 grams. Print on canvas has a weight of 340 grams. The prints have an estimated lifespan of 50 to 60 years. If they are also framed by a professional framemaker with artificial glass, the expected lifespan of the art print will be somewhere between 300 - 400 years, given proper storage.

We also think about the environment when producing prints. This means that we do not keep large stocks of all the prints in our portfolio, but assist the artists in the production when ordering. In this way, only the selection of print that is needed is printed. By only printing to order, the quality of the prints also increases as they do not need to be stored unframed for a long time or in tubes.