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Code red, HF pink

Code red, HF pink


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Hand finish print by Bulldog .

  • Size: 64 x 64 cm
  • Circulation: 6

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Artist: Bulldog

The polar bear/polar bear is on the verge of extinction. Specialists and experts estimate it will be extinct within 50 years, I fear this will happen sooner. The globe is set in "Code Red" when it comes to the climate. Animals with whom we share this planet have no voice to defend themselves. The globe is our common home and our common responsibility. If we don't act now, when?

Size & circulation

Size: 64 x 64 cm
Circulation: 6

Art fee

Art tax of 5% is included in the price of all works over NOK 2,000. There is no art fee for works priced below NOK 2,000.

  • This work of art is traded at M35 as an intermediary in the name of the author, and is thus exempt from VAT.
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