Lea Alstad

Lea Alstad is a young artist who has lived most of her life in Trondheim, but is currently based in Oslo.

Through social media, she has built up a large national and international audience with whom she shares her process and images. Her pictures can now be found in homes all over the world: Japan, USA, Australia, Germany and more.

The interest in painting started early in childhood, and has since spent a lot of independent time exploring and experimenting. The pictures deal with the complexity of the human being, where she portrays both face and body. The images of the body are inspired by anatomical drawings, where she captures the muscle fibers and contours with the help of brush strokes and colors.

In her portraits, she works layer upon layer with different mediums. Including acrylic, oil, ink and water colour. This creates a variation in texture and a mix between abstraction and realism. Several of the images have parts left to the imaginary, which also gives you the feeling that you are getting "under the skin".

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