Illuminated - an art exhibition by Lavrans Borgen

Welcome to Lavrans Borgen's second solo exhibition at our Gallery M35. The exhibition opens on Saturday 1 July at 1pm with a vernissage where Lavrans will be present.

The exhibition "Gjennomlyst" consists of 15 paintings and 6 drawings. The artworks are mainly from Borgen's collections "Desigual" and "Bohemene", but present new expressions and stories. The title "Gennomlyst" refers to openness, and being able to lay all the cards on the table. Art seeks to bring inner processes to light, to provide perspectives and reflection. With the hope that this can create community and joy.

At the previous solo exhibition, Lavrans sold out all the artworks. So don't miss this colorful yet significant art exhibition.

See Lavrans' art collection