Lavrans Borgen, norsk kunstner bosatt i Drammen

Lavrans Borgen

Lavrans Borgen , born 25.05.03. is from Drammen, where he lives and has his studio. His abstract art form is expressive with his own depictions of man's various cognitive processes.

Lavrans is concerned with expressing people's emotional life. His art evokes emotions, associations and reactions in the viewer. Despite the paintings' deep meanings and messages, they are colorful and bring new life to your wall!

This is what Lavrans says: "We are faced with enormous expectations and a tremendous pressure of information which can result in internal mental breakdown, something I have experienced myself. I hope that my expressions in art can create recognition in others, and thereby community - we are not alone. Preferably create a greater openness to the interior, with a lower threshold for seeking help. I believe my expressionist art is relevant to what has happened in the world recently. The Corona pandemic and the Ukraine conflict have led to fear, unrest and tension. On the other side – in my series DESIGUAL – I want to express the more harmonious aspects of life, with light, colors and motifs that have found peace. It is good to formulate my experiences and reflections on canvas. Especially when I get to put several "loose pieces" together into a comprehensive work. That chaos and unrest can turn into something beautiful gives great inner joy."

Lavrans represents a new generation of promising artists that we will hear a lot about in the years to come. His artwork has already managed to become very popular.

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