Collection: Bloom - print

Bloom is an art exhibition by Lea Alstad from 1 to 26 June. 

The exhibition "Bloom" deals with one of the phases of life. Lea Alstad portrays human complexity and brings out a range of emotions that most of us can identify with. The exhibition bears the stamp of an experimental period, where the artist brings both realism and the adventurous. Experience rebirth in art form with our fascinating exhibition that showcases the transformative power of imagination.

The exhibition opens on Thursday 1 June at 18.00 in gallery M35 at Fru Kroghs Brygge 2 with a vernissage. Lea will be present at the opening. In addition, there will be dancing by Ellinor Ødegård Staurbakk, who is one of Lea's sources of inspiration for this exhibition.

There will be 21 new paintings by Lea Alstad, as well as art prints of all the motifs available for sale.