International shipping?

Do you want to buy art from us, but live abroad?
We send art to several countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, England, USA, etc.

The Nordic countries + Germany:
Prints on paper and canvas are sent in tubes and cost 450 Norwegian kroner (approx. 40 euro). For works of art that cannot be sent in tubes, they must be packed in a box. The price of these shipments starts at 2 000 Norwegian kroner (approx. 180 euros). This is from prices and the exact price will be calculated upon dispatch. The price depends on size and weight.

As there is no VAT on art that is conveyed on behalf of the artist in Norway, we will ensure that the shipment receives the same conditions when it is sent abroad.

For countries outside The Nordic countries + Germany
As the price of shipping depends on which country you live in, send us an e-mail at and we will be able to make a manual order for you.