Pryl & Hwk

Hawk norsk kunstner

Håkon Paulsen

Likes to work in a modern pop-art style, with motifs people can relate to. Happy to use strong colors and contrasts to bring out the expression in the images. Has a background in art and media, as well as works as an art teacher at a secondary school. Have picked up the brush again in full, after a long break. I am incredibly happy to be able to create a feeling in people through expressing myself through art. Which primarily gives me joy and drive in life.

Pryl norsk kunstner

Kenneth Jørgensen

Surrealism is my style, with the main focus on pencil and marker. Most of my creations are black and white and more recently colors have also made their way in. My aim is that when you see my work at first glance you are drawn in and then stay to study the details. All my works have my feelings in them, and seeing other people be captivated and wondering is payment in itself . I usually work in the construction industry and also get an outlet for my creativity there.

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