Morten Kveen

Morten Kveen

Morten Kveen is a visual artist from Oslo. As an artist, he works with creating works for his own exhibitions, on commission and various design assignments.

The works can vary in technique, but mainly consist of large acrylic paintings and drawings in marker. With inspiration from old sailors' tattoos and children's drawings, he has developed his own style into a modern expression. Everything is made from it

landscapes to portraits in a world where details, lines and clear colors are put together in one organized chaos. The pictures are inspired by my own experiences, actions, politics, humor and people in today's society.

Morten has previously had success with solo exhibitions in Oslo, Lillehammer and Fredrikstad, where he has also had his own studio in the premises of the Rebell collective. Together they have worked on collaborative projects with art on environmentally friendly products for murals. Now he has moved his art back to Oslo to focus on his own solo projects.

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