Laila maria Maeland - norsk kunstner og illustratør

Laila Maria Mæland

Laila Maria Mæland is an artist and illustrator based in Bergen, but was born and raised in Troms.

Her interest in drawing and painting started in early childhood, and has followed her throughout her life. She has thus gained extensive experience in various
techniques, use of colors and developed a safe line.

She has formal training as an illustrator, but apart from drawing form and color and various courses, she is largely self-taught. In recent years, she has explored and developed within acrylic on canvas. She creates tension and contrast in her works by using colours, brush strokes and balancing the abstract and figurative.

She is inspired by the human form, faces, eyes and how facial expressions and looks convey emotions and tell a story. Her art is beautiful, mysterious, full of colour, speed and an intensity that draws you into her world.