Luis G. Martins aka L7matrix was only 13 years old when he first encountered spray paint. This experience has opened the door for many future experiments that the artist L7matrix was about to perform. While exploring blends for his work, Luis tried many techniques and eventually created his unique approach using china ink, lacquer, soft pastel, oil pastel and acrylic.

Color simplicity and free geometry

It's not the only technique L7matrix experimented with. Through experimentation, he formed his unique style – he combines geometric elements and highly stylized color puzzles with realism achieved by elaborate details. It is this combination of color simplicity and free geometry that arouses certain contradictions and even unpleasant feelings in the viewers.

And it was inevitable, due to the fact that this artist is equally inspired by the beauty of life and its sorrow. Influenced by the disorder of his surroundings, he cannot help but create the sophisticated chaos in masterfully mixed roughness and elegance to his subjects.

"Everything generates the chaos, from the mix of sight and emotion to the materials and media used."

His paintings are full of movement as exemplified by the theme of birds, the most famous theme in his works. In addition to specters and faces that resemble colored liquor to luminescent jellyfish. L7Matrix specializes in a unique and striking style that has spread to different places in the world such as France, where he currently resides, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, USA, Canada, Australia, among others. His work comes down to everything he likes and feels, always moving and screaming and exploding into beauty and chaos.

The winning combination of realism and abstraction, brought closer together in Luis' artwork, creates a melting pot of emotions, materials and media for the viewer's eyes to enjoy. L7matrix's artistic skills are filled with all familiar human emotions and the city's jumble, mixing roughness with elegance, to convey the concept of empathy for the environment. Luis rarely listens to music while working, instead he likes to blend into the atmosphere, listening to every sound it makes.


2014, Cave Gallery Venice Los Angeles, Solo Show Free Light.

2014, Breaking Borders, At 44309 streetart and Contemporary gallery, Dortmund, Tyskland

2014, Untitled, Gallery The Mine, Dubai, UAE

2015, Cave Gallery Colletive Exhibition

2015, Paris group exhibition, Art Libertè du Mur de Berlin

2015, group exhibition, Art Libertè du Mur de Berlin/ Paris France

2015, group exhibition, Art Libertè du Mur de Berlin/ Chartres, France

2015, Special Invite, the biggest street art festival in Europe, Upfest

2016, Living painting L7matrix x Jimmy C, Chateau in Montpellier, France

2016, Group exhibition, Art Libertè du Mur de Berlin/ Losc in Lille, France

2016, solo exhibition, UNLIMITED” at 44309 streetart and Contemporary gallery, Dortmund, Germany

2016, Eleutheria, separatutstilling, Station Gallery i Montreal, Canada.

2016, Vulica Brasil, Large mural in Minsk, Belarus

2017, group exhibition and live painting of a Murcia museum "De la calle ao Museo"

2018, group exhibition, Borderline at Red Propeller Gallery, Devon, UK

2018, Vulica Brasil 2/ big wall in Minsk Belarus

2018, L7matrix, Jellyfish Iridescent, Installation at Dedale in Vannes, France

2018, L7matrix ved Gallery Bartoux, Paris, London, Singapore, New York

2019, Art Basel, Gallery Bartoux, Miami Usa

2019, Urban art fair, Paris, France

2019, European Capital of Culture, group exhibition Art Libertè, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2019, Museum of War, Bastogne, Belgia "Group Show"

2019, Live painting and group exhibition in Mubam, Cartagena, Spain

2019, Grand sur Paris, på Moissy Cramayel med Gallery Mathgoth

2019, The Haque project with L7matrix in PNetherlands, /large mural.

2020, Reálites, Collective exhibition, Mathgoth Gallery, Paris

2021, Highlights, Outsiders Gallery and Delahaye et Giordani Galleries/ Rouen France

Text by Nina Karaicic is a journalist with experience from TV and radio media. She was born in 1989 and had studied at the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Political Science (Journalism)