Daniel Bryn Larsen

Daniel Bryn Larsen (1982) is a Norwegian photographer from Oslo. 

Daniel started photographing in 2018 when the wanderlust took over and the interest in photography was created, knowing that he wanted to create the best possible memories from all the adventures around the world. Already the following year, it went from hobby to professional business. Daniel now travels annually to Africa, where many of his photographs are from. He describes the following about the trips: 

"In Africa I know exactly what kind of image I want and it is about patience, observations, tracking, getting up at 4 in the morning, knowing the behavior of the animals and the ability to anticipate movement. Everything must work! This comes through experience, weeks and months alone in the bush and not least luck! I want my photos to take the viewer right back to the intense moment the photo was taken. To make it happen, I have to get close to the animals. In everyday life and out in nature, I like an element of the human, preferably anonymous, in my subjects. Especially in nature, I think we benefit from a reminder of how powerful nature is and at the same time remember that it is worth taking care of. "

In addition to photographing animals and wildlife in Africa, Daniel also works with minimalist street photography with anonymous human subjects. Here he plays with contrasts between light and shadows. He describes it like this: 

"In everyday street photography, my subjects almost always have an anonymous human element. That way you get a better relationship with the image. The "boring" everyday life becomes very interesting through the use of shadows, highlights and a human element. I can walk for hours, day in and day out, finding little moments and motifs everywhere and never get bored! "