Art by Blue

Stian Andresen alias Blue (1984) is a Norwegian pop art artist from Ås.

Ever since he was very young, he has been drawing, and he started experimenting with graffiti as early as 14 years old. He later took a bachelor's degree in graphic design, which led to many years in the advertising industry, before in 2018 he invested fully as an artist. He has now become known for his massive and detailed artworks within Mixed Media Art.

The passion and magic behind each image, whether it's a message, a relationship or a meaning that the customer can relate to or identify with, is what it's all about for Stian. To achieve this, he mixes all the colors himself based on base colours. Here he adds different materials such as gold leaf, carvings in acrylic and epoxy. The pictures are also characterized by unique frames, various effects and LED lights. All his works are original works.

Over the past few years, his customer base has expanded significantly. Stian's art can be found in everything from art collectors and international artists to any home. What they have in common is that all customers are equally important and have a passion for art.

"It is an honor and great gratitude to be able to adorn the walls of so many around the world"
- Stian


  • "PROJECT B..E" - Obos Project, Kvaernerbyen, Oslo, 2019
  • "NIGHT LIFE" - Selvaag Eiendom and, Own Gallery, 2020 - 2022
  • "FIREFLIES" - Michaels, Oslo, 2023
  • FOMA Festivals, Fornebu, Oslo, 2023
  • "MJ", "OBLIVION" and "THE WICKED" - M35 Collective, Tjuvholmen, Oslo, 2024