A tale as old as time

"A tale as old as time" - an art exhibition by Maja O Berglund from 3 to 27 August.

The art exhibition is about small moments in meeting others and meeting oneself where you realize what it means to be human. Through the works, Maja wants to describe something recognisable, explained in a simple way - that the composition of your experiences as a human being is unique but at the same time not. The same story has been told for all the years, in all parts of the world, the same emotions have been felt by countless people for endless time, just from a slightly different perspective each time. We have something fundamental in us - we would like to connect with others and we do that through dance, music and love, but for many we find cohesion and isolation in hatred and the darkness within us too.

A tale as old as time deals with moments we all experience for better or worse that describe the human experience.

Maja O. Berglund art collection