Hilde Elise Vie, also known by the stage name Barnslig, originally comes from a small village in the eastern part of Norway. In 2008, she moved to Bergen to study and has since stayed.

She studied illustration at NKF in Bergen, and completed a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. She then took a Bachelor in Visual Communication at the University of Art and Design in Bergen.

Barnslig made her art debut in Bergen's streets in 2010. It started with kiltstremek and paste-ups on the street, then she found an interest in spray painting and wall painting. Her motifs are often of funny and cute characters. She has a precise line and creates imaginative characters in vigorous color combinations. Overarching themes in the art are 90s nostalgia, monsters, anthropomorphic food, outer space and positive messages. Since 2016, she and two colleagues have run the illustration gallery Blekk in Bergen. Here she has exhibited and sold her own and other people's artwork. The gallery also functions as a studio and production space for the artist.

Barnslig has always liked to draw and paint, this interest has been the starting point for her work as an artist. She works with art in various forms such as painting, mural painting, illustration and as a course instructor within these. The artist also creates a range of illustrated products such as stickers, t-shirts, cups and more.

Barnslig Collection